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My name is Jeannie Mark

I’m a mid-lifer who quit a growing corporate career to reawaken my passions — and forge a life set by my own rules.

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Life Lessons

4 Years of Travel

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A Last Look at China

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The Definitive Guide to Outlets Around the World


These days, most of us want to travel with our electrical gadgets, whether that be a cell phone, tablet or similar mobile device, laptop, camera, music player or hairdryer. But not using the right power adapter when you are traveling can be worse than an inconvenience–it can damage equipment and lead to electrical failures. What’s more, it can be hard to find the adapter you need in some parts of the world, so it’s always best to travel prepared.

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What is Nomadism?


I did the math in my head recently. Last year alone, I traveled through 14 countries.

That’s fantastic!

NOOOOO. That’s exhausting…

This is the battle raging through my temporary state of split personality.

One half of me knows that’s a triumph, to have seen even a fraction of that — wow! I know there are people out there who won’t even see one country in a year. I’m very grateful.

The other half is really excited about buying a blender and sitting on my couch with a homemade smoothie (and margaritas).

5 Ways to “Find Yourself” By Travelling The Globe


There are more benefits to travel than just having fun. If you’re trying to get in touch with your inner self, visiting other countries or just going outside of your comfort zone at home in the United States can help you learn about yourself and the world around you. Booking hotels in Sydney and cities around the globe can help you achieve your goal of better self-awareness. Here are four cities that are perfect for finding yourself.

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How to Get the Best Seat on the Plane


Traveling on a plane can come with a slew of seat-based comfort challenges, whether you’re assigned to a seat that doesn’t recline or located just adjacent to the bathroom. If you want to get the best seat without having to pay extra cash, there are a few simple tips to follow. While you might not feel like you’re lounging in a featherbed in one of the many luxury hotels in Milan, you will optimize your chances of having a travel experience that’s comfortable, pleasant and relaxed.

Iceland’s Caves & My Fascination With Them


Have you ever done something to impress a guy?

A few years ago, my then new boyfriend suggested we try spelunking. I agreed without thinking twice, because I wanted to be the adventurous, hot chick he imagined.

One, I hoped it was a board game. Two, I freaked out when I found out what it really was.

We drove about two hours from Calgary to Bragg Creek and once we exited the car, my boyfriend rooted through the trunk and handed me a headlamp, gloves, and kneepads. Definitely not a board game.

At this point in my young life I harboured a strong fear of heights, but wondered if I would add dark, small places to that list.

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Tired of Being Nomadic…Tired of Travel


Yes, it’s me.

I know, been a while since you heard solely my voice (other than last week).

I’ve been living off grid in Mexico and stayed quiet. I’ve been sharing blog posts on destinations in partnership with Hipmunk and haven’t said a word. I’ve had a few guest writers take a spot here and there, yet where the hell have I been?

Honestly, doing a lot of thinking.

This past June, a significant anniversary passed by, I celebrated five years of travel. But I had zero desire to hold a party or blog about it.

Why? Isn’t travel my whole identity on this blog?