Yes, it is. I debated the wisdom in starting this blog so soon. Most blogs I’ve read begin at the first travel point.  Methinks I’m similar to many folks, the ones willing to jump ahead, but still require hand-holding. Preparing to abandon my current life is a process in itself, and are the building blocks to the actual trip.

You’ll read my moments of perfect clarity or borderline cowardice. Luckily tonight, the sky is blue with full steam ahead. Lately I’ve gained insight through these methods:

  1. Books, books, books.
  2. Blogs.
  3. Twitter. I’m humbled by the massive community.
  4. Starting this site. Publishing my words across the web renders my plans concrete — intensely real.
  5. Shopping for gear.
  6. Sharing my story with supportive people. Close friends or even your dog would do.
  7. Fantasizing about the day I quit my job.

Finally, a friend suggested I tack a world map to my bedroom wall. Genius!

I’ll stare at it in wonderment. To fathom that many destinations exist in the world and I’ll get to experience a few?  Inspiration can arrive from anywhere, always be on the lookout. Oh, don’t forget to answer when it knocks.