Write for Summer Chick Tales!

Beach Reading

Summer is fantastic for two reasons. 1. Slurpees. 2. Summer reading.

One of my favorite things to do is drag around a novel and pick through it. I might take it to a park and read under a tree.  Throw it in a beach bag, but forget it’s even there, because I’m busy eating junk food or acting like a goof.

Not just any book either. It has to be memorable. How about light fare that makes you tinkle with laughter at the unrealistic escapades or gawk at the similarities to your own hilarious (crazy ass) situations. Think Roberts, Fielding, Kinsella or Lipman.

Maybe it’s heavy shit that makes you want to tear your guts out, but it’s all okay once you reach for that Corona, because it really isn’t your life and hell, it’s sunny! Atwood, Walker, Sebold or Allende come to mind.

It’s my season. I’m viciously against shoes that hike above the ankle. I have more goose bumps per square footage on my body than the average person. I feel the cold.

Oh, bring on late sunsets and zinc smelling SPF!

Wait! This just in, a third reason to love summer. YOU.

Something is abuzz in the writing world. More and more, I am floored by the female talent emerging. Or maybe it was always there?

Either way, this summer I want to my give my blog to you.

I want your travel narratives.

I want your blood. Bring it.

Witty. Amusing. Heart wrenching. Fall-off-your-stool stories.

Frankly girls, I just need something good to read over the summer.

See post schedule below:


Week 1 and 2: Love with that hot backpacking guy or girl.