Palmer’s Lodge Swiss Cottage Meets Jane Austen

My expectations have slipped a few notches when it comes to accommodation. When you travel as much as I do, sometimes you are faced with toilets that work half the time, either partially or rarely clean, bedsheets that don’t smell as dewy fresh as they could, or rude, annoying roommates where privacy is scarce. I even recall a distinct sewage odor invading my nostrils from the bathroom of a hotel in Agra, India a couple of years ago. Ah, sweet memories.

In other words, I’ve grown to accept accommodations for what they offer. A touch nicer than okay. Semi-comfortable. It will do. I admit to being weary, even cynical nowadays.

When HostelBookers and I partnered together for Girls Running With Bulls, it was my turn to be surprised. Even humble for a change.

Palmer’s Lodge Swiss Cottage is a historic manor that has been renovated into a modern day boutique hostel. It took a while for me to wrap my head around that concept.

I tend to be a purist and prefer a historic manor to remain one, not be altered, but be trapped in time. I was very wrong.

Spectacular exterior

Cozy and comfortable drawing room

Quick London Sweep: Journey to Pamplona

To move again has been a blessing and curse. I boarded my Aeroflot flight on Monday morning from the vacuum of China into a ghoulish, alien world where everyone speaks English and most faces are Caucasian. Not one soul who resembles me any longer? Tells me I’m stunning? The real world sucks. I realized being stationary was good medicine for the soul, but brutal on my adventurous side. Ultimately it’s been productive to spread my wings again. Fire my nerves and absorb new scenes.

London was a quick jaunt, fast and furious. I passed through three time zones and was wobbly with jet lag hell. Everything was foggy, I never knew where I was half the time and was highly suggestible under alcohol.

No matter, I still got up to a few things.

Discovering that Frenchmen like to sleep on the floor of the Moscow airport. I nearly joined them.

Using my Oyster card again at the tube.

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Gypsy Wednesday – How London Changed Me

Welcome to Gypsy Wednesday! Every Wednesday, I strive to highlight all the juicy morsels related to travel and beyond.

Today’s guest post is testament to how a place can transform an individual in numerable ways. Joya Anthony articulates this sentiment with soul-baring honesty.

I love London for many reasons – the pubs, the parks, the museums, the cobblestone streets and much more. But it will always hold a special place in my heart because the six months that I spent working there changed the way I perceive myself and helped me pave a path for what is next to come for me.

Getting some perspective

My last year of college before I worked abroad in London was a confusing year for me. While I was enjoying senior year, as every college student does, I started to doubt myself. I questioned my naturally shy personality when I started hanging out with people who were the complete opposite – loud, outgoing, and not shy about anything at all. At first it was all new and shocking to me and then pretty soon I was influenced and acted in ways that were just not me. I thought I had to emulate these friends to be more acceptable to everyone or get the guy. And there was one guy, who meant a lot to me, who blamed my shyness for the reason why we could never be together and I let myself believe he was right and that something was wrong with me.

On top of all this, I was working internships in an industry that I realized wasn’t for me and was frankly filled with co-workers that couldn’t

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