Worst Washroom of the Week

One of the goals in my travels is to find humor. Since I’m a woman, slave to a pea-sized bladder and forced to use a squatting device of some kind, welcome to a regular feature: shitty washroom of the week. Pun intended.

This week?

Swift Current, Greyhound Bus Station

Look ma, no door!!! Pretty breezy washroom experience.

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Moosejaw to Toronto, The Journey….

Was long. After hopping a midnight bus to Moosejaw, the West Coast version of the prairies melted away. I could hardly sleep, so sought landscape as distraction, but that was futile.


Although I love open skies, the prairies of Saskatchewan always leave me depressed. It’s the province that ingenuity and art forgot. I couldn’t believe my eyes when we pulled into Gull, even though de ja vu had placed me there before. A dirt road and genuine hillbilly sleeping in the cab of his truck met my blurry 6 am eyes. His legs dangled out the window, shoeless.

Gull – no paved roads!

I’ve grown too use to European designed, bubble wrapped humans and cities. Maybe it’s time to shatter that?

A meet with the ex was not on the table, so I decided to spend the day at Temple Gardens Mineral Spa.

8 hours later, 1 less fleece (I wonder who didn’t turn it into lost and found?), it was a simple walk through an alleyway towards the spa’s entrance. That was 9 am.

Oh lovely spa!

Spa waters, ooh..

$15 CDN gives you all day entrance, use of a steam room, and some refreshing waters to partake in. Indoors and outdoors.

The hotel lobby became my office as Sasktel wifi was a strong, steady signal. The front desk kindly stowed my backpack.  It was a comfortable arrangement.

After some spa time and work, I walked down Main Street, the central strip in downtown Moosejaw to grab

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