TBEX – Romantic Backdrops and the Cirkus


Every industry does it.

Hobnobbing was far from my mind when brisk cold seeped through my sweater. Central Station in Copenhagen deposited me in its arteries at 9 am. A Wednesday — hump day — as North Americans fondly refer to it. There were far from humps here though.

First off, the Copenhagen airport dazzled me. Forget about those Ikea decorating jokes. How a shabby student injects his entire space with Scandinavian child’s glitter. Sleek, geometric lines and rich colors instilled comfort. Like a character in a Susanne Bier comedy. The airport lounge didn’t scorch the aesthetic eye.

Back to Central Station. A literal hub of Danish or international travelers. I felt slotted into a turn of the century film where the only means of transport is the train. Anything else is a mad inventor haunted by visions of horseless carriages. There were suitcases or packs attached to old, young, the cool. There were restaurants, even the tried and true MacDonald’s. McD’s seems to be the beacon for foreigners. Meet here. You can’t miss the red and yellow.

Copenhagen is ridiculously walkable and apparently designed more for bicycles than cars. The city is 34.1 square miles. There are wide dedicated bike lanes and has been for years, while Canada — particularly Vancouver — are starting that experiment now. What caught my eye were the amount of bikes parked.

It was a treasure to see instead of football field sized parking lots and 10 SUV’s neatly lined and primed for gas guzzling. An insider told me if

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Why I’m Going to TBEX Copenhagen

DSC00582, Copenhagen, Denmark Copenhagen, Denmark

Comments from other travel bloggers in the aftermath of TBEX New York was a torrent of positivity. Great avenue to meet fellow travel bloggers! Educational workshops to ignite blog domination!

There I was a voyeur, reading the blog posts, witnessing newly formed friendships on Twitter. Jealous, but excited for my friends.

Rumors swirled that TBEX 2011 might be in Europe, then it was announced Vancouver is the chosen city. I hopped the bandwagon, eagerly offering to be tour guide to those friends who missed New York. After all, Vancouver was my recent home for 10 years.

Oh, that’s right – Vancouver WAS my home. Did I want to re-visit a place I struggled to leave?

When the TBEX 2011 pre-tickets sold out I pledged to wait for the general sale in September, but I wavered. Next June will probably pinpoint me somewhere in Asia. For me to fly that distance doesn’t make sense.

Then TBEX announced Europe 2010 from November 4 to 6. My oath to stick with Vancouver was further tested.

Vancouver is a beautiful city, a postcard of ocean, mountains, and a laid back attitude, but I left for a reason. To feed this global hunger of mine. To not hang a shingle on the past.

It feels existentially wrong to return right now. Copenhagen actually fits with my trip to London and would be a great cap before I tackle India.

My attempts to remain genuine in the world of travel may have just shattered, so to those I promised free tours, accept my humble apologies. I suppose in the end, every traveler needs to carve their own path, even against popular

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