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Hipmunk’s Guide to Landing the Lowest Summer Airfare

The post below was originally published on Hipmunk’s Tailwind Blog on April 12, 2016 by Kelly Soderland.


Gas prices are down, the temperature is heating up, and travelers are inevitably looking to take advantage of both this summer.

In fact, with all the sunny news about oil prices you may be itching to plan an escape of your own. But summer is three whole months long, airfare is usually priced at a premium, and there tends to be a lot of confusion for travelers around the optimal purchase date to obtain the best deal. Indeed, the most asked travel advice questionposed to Hipmunk Navigators concerns the best time to purchase a ticket.

As of March 31, 2016, overall domestic summer airfare (flights departing and returning during June, July, or August), is down from a median price of $330 to $286.

Similarly, flights from the US to major European countries – Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Switzerland, Austria and Ireland – follow the same trend: travelers this summer are paying about 15 percent less than last year, from a median price of $1331 to $1129.

And those savings seem to translate into a higher proportion of people planning longer getaways: In 2015, 46 percent of summer vacations that involved flights lasted four days or fewer, while just 33 percent lasted between seven and 10 days.

In 2016, however, 40 percent are four days or fewer, while 38 percent are between seven and 10 days, indicating a shift towards longer vacations.


To ensure that the hardest decision you’ll have to make this summer season is which umbrella drink you’ll order, Hipmunk analyzed its historical booking data

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Millennials Share Their Tips for Working While Traveling the Globe

The post below was originally published on Hipmunk’s Tailwind Blog on April 11, 2016 by THEHIPMUNK.

When you’re still new to a career and trying to make a name for yourself on the job, it can be stressful to take vacation time.

Heck, forget traveling for pleasure—even business travel can feel stressful. When you’re juggling delayed flights or bad cell service with the desire to make a good impression on your clients and coworkers, travel can feel anything but relaxing.

But take a deep breath, because we’ve got some good news for you: You can travel the globe and continue to rock out at your job. Here’s how four hard-working millennials make it happen.

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Delayed at the Airport? Get in Shape While You Wait


Getting fit when there’s access to a gym, roads, and even the living room floor is one thing. But when you’re sitting for multiple hours on a plane, after sitting in the airport lounge with several hours of delay, that Channing Tatum 12-pack seems impossible.

Fear not. There is a solution.

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The 5 Best Boutique Hotels To Boost Your Creativity

Tourists looking to combine creativity and relaxation should consider boutique hotels offering immersive art experiences. This year, try checking out the hotels below, all located in American cities with their own thriving art scenes. Visitors may even return to their homes with a new piece of art!

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The Top 4 Hotels for Digital Nomads

The entire world is your office as a digital nomad, as long as you have access to great WiFi speed and suitable working spaces. You explore far-flung locales whenever the urge takes you and enjoy gorgeous views while you check in on your business or clients. Hotels can be hit or miss with WiFi quality and proximity to coworking spaces or good cafes, but these five hotels give you a great headquarters to give you – and your business – a much-needed vacation.

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The Best Places to Travel Now to Get More Bang for Your Buck


The winter months of December through February — and sometimes through March — are notorious for flight delays due to bad weather. People risk delays during the holidays because they have long periods of mandated time-off and want to spend it with their families. But no one wants to request time off in February only to spend half of the vacation managing flight delays and bad weather.

But while February isn’t the best travel month for every destination, airlines offer some pretty sweet deals on flights during the year’s shortest month. With some trips discounted as much as 79%, travelers should take airlines up on their offers. We analyzed a year’s worth of Hipmunk flight and hotel pricing data, and the following February destinations are worth the bargain.

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