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My name is Jeannie Mark

I’m a mid-lifer who quit a growing corporate career to reawaken my passions — and forge a life set by my own rules.

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A Last Look at China

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5 Best Places to Live Cheap & Work Online


Recently I posted an interesting article on my fan page that garnered thousands of views:


Digital nomads or people who mainly work online are always looking for the next, cheapest country that has wickedly fast Internet, but bottom rung living costs.

I’m a big fan of exotic destinations to travel or live, but the truth is not everybody is as socially maladjusted or crazy as me.

Some people have family obligations, or just don’t want to live in China where firecrackers are a casual event on a Friday night (going deaf and getting angry).

Here are five places in North America that are inexpensive, but easy to run an online business:

Amsterdam: What to Hit


Let’s talk about Amsterdam.

I’d rather forget it after the entire city pissed me off last summer, but truth is people want sound advice on what to see or do there.

And since I was there, it’s only fitting I be the one to tell you. A few of my friends are going to explore Europe this summer, so it’s time to release bitterness (ooh, those cranky locals) and show you a good time in Amsterdam.

Panama City’s Street Art


Do you love street art?

I do, and look for it everywhere I travel.

In Panama City, you don’t have to search that hard. The historic area of Casco Viejo is easily walkable and full of artistic surprises. Scope around the main plaza where Iglesia de la Merced (church) is or zip down a shady street of crumbling colonial buildings and gems will pop out of nowhere.

I found some of the best art at a parking lot wall for crikey sakes!

There’s something wildly creative about street art. What does this art do, but give an immediate gut reaction?

You love it, hate it, but one thing is for sure, street art is the best use of urban space I’ve ever seen.

Panama City delivers! Just another aspect to this surprising city.

House Sitting Guide for Singles


ARE YOU SINGLE? Insufferably so that when cats wail in an alley you twinge with a motherly instinct and you collect ceramic gnomes as a casual hobby?

Eager to use house sitting to save money on accommodations and explore destinations in a different way?

You’ve come to the right blog!

Since I’ve been house sitting in Mexico at the beginning of June, I’m being bombarded with questions about house sitting and how to do it.

Not as a couple. Not as a family. But as a loner. One that’s not creepy, of course.

I’m perfectly objective to share a step-by-step guide because of my horrendous experience in Amsterdam. See, I forged on with house sitting and didn’t swallow that bitter pill.

So let’s get started!

What You Need For the Perfect Day Trip


Jeannie is a long-term traveler and admittedly sometimes forgets that not everyone is like her. You have busy lives and maybe can only escape for a week or even a day. Since she’s so out of touch with reality, I will share some tips on how to enjoy a fulfilling short-term holiday!

Panama Canal: An Engineering Miracle

By all accounts, the Panama Canal should have never been built.

In the early 19th century, it made sense to build a canal through Nicaragua and that almost happened, until the French decided to do it in Panama.

Fresh off the Suez Canal accomplishment, the French mobilized quickly.

Workers migrated to help build the canal, nine-tenths of them of Afro-Caribbean descent from the West Indies, along with local indigenous people. Manpower totalled to 40,000 workers.

Yet, the French were simply not prepared for the hostile environment. Hundreds of workers died of yellow fever and malaria. Any efforts to stem the epidemic weren’t enough to eradicate the death toll.