Gypsy Wednesday – Rollasole Product Video Review

Welcome to Gypsy Wednesday! Every Wednesday, I strive to highlight all the juicy morsels related to travel and beyond.

Calling all women travelers! Don’t you crave fashion once in a while, not just function? Introducing Rollasole! Watch and learn:

In the video I said LA twice, my bad. Initial cities for launch are New York, Las Vegas, Miami and Los Angeles.

Check their site for stock and events: www.rollasole.com.

Rollasole is also sold at these retailers:

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This article is part five of a seven part series on unplugging from the cubicle. Read the full introduction here.

The Breaking Point

I had to search the records management sector of my brain. March 6th or 7th, right? Definitely 2009. Maneuvering towards my desk clumsily, my feet felt encased in concrete. I coughed in reaction to that stifling meeting room. Funny how meeting rooms can be mistaken for sealed off mausoleums. No air, always rife with dead bodies.

We were under siege, I had managed to walk away unscathed — this time.

Others weren’t so lucky. The scene of redundancy mimics the rituals of a funeral, too. Observers gather, appearing silent. Meanwhile, their emotions are bubbling. The whys? Hows? Who’s next?

No arrow through my chest, but a virus had entered my system.

“We’ve had to let a few people go. We are busy, but need people in certain areas, namely where you are right now. Soo.. moving upstairs to work with Shelly won’t be happening. At least for 6 months.”

A death knell looming over me. I thought back to 2 months earlier, when the prospect of “moving upstairs” reinvigorated my work ethic in this company. The carpet tiles were just pulled from under me. Promotion, gone.

My attitude and will to be present in the cube wilted, plummeting to earth as Icarus did, his wax wings softening under the sun.

When 6 months had passed, movement upstairs fell eerily quiet. A year was approaching, and I had no more corners to hide in any longer. My concentration suffered, in tune with any desire to wake up and haul my carcass into work. My patience was a teetering pile of brittle sticks.

I officially had it, what to do now?


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Roundup of Calgary, What’s Next?

Calgary has been nothing short of sleepy. The intention was always to land here and close up logistics.

I’ve been spending quality time with my brother and mom. A slew of food excursions and mall outings piled on the calendar, among the pleasantries of daytime TV viewing. Who knew Oprah could be so enthralling again? Not I.

To sum up, there are more gear items to purchase, bank accounts to be amended and website maintenance – it’s never ending. Would I return to the cubicle? A resounding “NO”.

As for the culture here? Alberta is officially cattle country, so a pescetarian, bohemian profile like me skirts its natural laws.

I’m positive Calgary has more SUVs, trucks and ball caps per capita than it does recycle bins. There’s not much of a walking mentality here. My slow gait garners attention on the streets. Yeah, I’m the rock star of walking.

Given my brother’s SUV (yes, shameful), I tool around in it – stopping at my high school or the house of my formative years. My childhood home underwent a drastic makeover. New roof shingles, dark green siding. I didn’t recognize it! I was sure the teenager watering the sculptured landscaping wondered who that creepy woman in the SUV was. Watching, remembering. Call the cops.



Downtown Calgary Skyline



Perhaps I outgrew this town, but Calgary is a perfect city to raise kids, grab open, wide spaces and earn a comfortable wage. What I crave is adventure. To learn a new set of rules, ones that don’t involve mortgage rates or car maintenance.

So no, Calgary has far from challenged my travel survival skills, just the emotional ones.

There was a tiff or two with

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Gypsy Wednesday – Lost Girls Chat and Free Swag!

Welcome to Gypsy Wednesday! Every Wednesday, I strive to highlight all the juicy morsels related travel and beyond.

Does it count that I feel 28? Cause I do. When I plunged into The Lost Girls memoir, I danced with fear that rock music and young upstarts are beyond me now. It’s prune juice and a decent chiropractor all the way for this pup.

I was proved wrong when peeling back that first page, hearing the spine crack with anticipation. Holly Corbett, Amanda Pressner and Jennifer Baggett left their high octane media jobs in 2006 to lose themselves in the world map.

Their whirlwind trip was documented in a popular blog that won the 2007 Travvies for “Best Group Written Travel Blog”.  Upon returning to the States, the girls had gathered not only fans, but a sense of themselves, and a new set of ideas on how to live life to the fullest. To this day, The Lost Girls website continues to inspire young men and women everywhere.

The similarities to my journey are hard to ignore. And the 28 bit? The essence of the book could be compared to Chiron mythology. Chiron is a planet thought to be positioned between Saturn and Uranus – a bridge to temper obsidian Saturn and chaotic Uranus. Chiron’s influence is so complete, so erratic – extending to a person’s spiritual, physical and intellectual make-up, the idea of “meaning” ties in directly to the birth chart.

A Chiron quest to find a sense of purpose or attach meaning to our lives spans lengthy generational periods that can begin as early as age 5, as late as 28. While I’m pitched

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Canadian Gear List

I lay myself bare. Sometime ago I posted a message on Facebook that yes, my pack weighs 40 lbs. Many of you said, “TOO HEAVY!”

I have clear weaknesses that need to be rectified even after banning 90% of my possessions. Can you point them out?

Gasp! I require other items not pictured in the video:

  • SteriPEN.
  • Sleeping bag liner.
  • Doorstop.
  • Possible Pacsafe backpack and bag protector.
  • Sturdy windbreaker.
  • Hiking shorts (pockets).
  • Power converter.
  • Smartphone (switch out current phone).

A video introduction, pictures… be merciful.

Keep in mind, I am in Canada at the moment, so some of the rules are lax. Wayyy lax.

Offer your comments, I’ll offer a limp wristed defense.


Photo: 4BlueEyes

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Gypsy Wednesday – Is the Cubicle Slowly Killing You?

Welcome to Gypsy Wednesday! Every Wednesday, I strive to highlight all the juicy morsels related to travel and beyond.

The reality of our world is we all have to provide for ourselves and our families. Which means a vocation.  But, have you considered how your thrust upon profession could be affecting your health?

I didn’t – never dawned on me that stress or misery could ultimately destroy the one aspect I needed the most: vitality.

Top 3 Mistakes Cubicle Hanger-Ons Make

Now that I have oodles of free time, Dr. Phil is part of my daytime TV routine. Criticize my TV choices later, just listen. This particular Dr. Phil featured the top three mistakes we don’t know we’re making, and how those mistakes can have an unforeseen impact. Your present circumstances call for retaining a job that gives you stomach knots. I guarantee whatever currently looms is peanuts compared to future damage.

1.  Do what you have to do, not what you love. Time and again, I constantly took whatever worked for my pocketbook, not calculating the psychological wear and tear it had on me. The only description of my former self is beaten down. I started believing my capabilities stretched to faxing or answering emails promptly. Now I know better. If doing your hearts desire yields more pleasure than profit, do it somewhere else.

2.  Plan for a lifestyle, not a life. The central mantra of the developed world is quantity over quality.  Material comforts are not on trial here, but ask yourself why you want more than your fair share? Could be a compulsive shopping problem or a deep emptiness. Even worse, trying to keep steady with

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