Gypsy Wednesday – Passion Board

Welcome to Gypsy Wednesday! Every Wednesday, I strive to highlight all the juicy morsels related to travel and beyond.

I got tagged! Not for an STI or anything, Got Passport charged me with the task of creating a passion board. Aye created hers while taking an art class in 2006. After dusting it off recently, she discovered something interesting.  Aye’s spirit is infectious, spreading her love for inspiration and art to yours truly. Upon being asked, my first thoughts were – The Secret. Remember that phenomenon? A DVD, book, and glitzy marketing campaign amounted to one key point — visualization. If you picture it, it will come. Whether it’s an apple red Porsche or Halle Berry bursting out of a gigantic cake.

Ah, that’s not a passion board. The operative phrase is ‘raison d’etre’. Translated in English means: ‘something important one lives for’. The Secret hits a nerve on things we desire, but currently lack. I label that ‘grasping for pockets of nothingness’. Passion is fuel, things already in your arsenal, that which fires adrenaline and synapses.  Another way to view this is recalling your building blocks. Ditch The Secret, for the answers lie within.

Every decent board requires pretty paper:

The cat assisting (not):

Without further ado, the completed piece!

1.  Core Passion

Expression Tools

I grew up in a strange era, a mixture of old communication tools and accelerated technology.

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The 7 Stages of Unplugging from the Cubicle

This is a seven part series on unplugging from the cubicle. Join the discussion, or read and absorb.

The Cube, Monday Morning

You’re sitting inert, facing artificial walls constructed of laminate. The wood veneer desk is slightly short, knocking your knees on the underside whenever you lift your legs. The only glare your computer screen receives is from blue tinged, fluorescent lighting. Your eyes bore into the monitor, counting each new email with dread. Every message is a demand. A coffee, that might shake droopy eyes and motivate some action. You rise, but pause, then sink downward like a weighted anchor. The boss is in the coffee room, rattling off scores from the latest hockey game. If you join, he’ll ask for that report again. It’s overdue, when the hell will you have it ready??

The repressed part of your brain recalled a vague interest in this career. Nowadays, you can’t sleep through the night. Stress has concentrated nicely at a spot on your lower back – a knot that manifests by throbbing incessantly. There are methods to feeling better. A spiffy, new pair of black dress pants. Deep tissue massage for your aching back. The mother of all televisions just went on sale at Best Buy, a 40″ LCD HDTV. You’ve been eyeing it for some time. Splurge, you deserve it.

You feel renewed, springing up to grab that coffee, satisfied that options exist to improve your life. Next week you repeat the same episode, eventually you notice a pattern. All those band aids to mask discomfort still leave you depressed or worse – apathetic.

I’m About to Commit Seppuku

What you long for is escape –

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Gypsy Bits and Bytes

Apologies, I missed last week. I had zip to say except whine about my corporate tour-of-duty.

Bits and Bytes

  • It’s always a pleasure to meet another chick, and a Canadian to boot. Shauna Watson abandoned career overdrive for a one way ticket to Thailand. Throw caution to the wind, girl. I like you already. Though she’s been hoofing it for 13 months, she just launched her blog, Gypsy Chick Travels. Check out her stories, I am!
  • Are you hankering to take your blog to the next level? I “discovered” Problogger recently. Darren Rowse guides digital nomads on generating income or crafting a winning blog. He even has a job board. Sadly, money is required for shelter and food, might as well succumb to that fact.
  • Yes, the Olympics are in Vancouver. No, I haven’t exerted any ink on the matter. I’ll leave it to the major papers. My support of the games is not favorable. I love the camaraderie and cheering on Canada, but the hidden impact doesn’t look rosy. Even David Suzuki rated Vancouver’s “sustainable games” in the bronze category.

Must Reads

  • I was blown to bits after reading this lovely story written by one of Lillie’s students. Pamela recounts her first day at Covenant Preparatory School.
    Having only experienced the government system, private school territory is scary and fraught with lurking witches. She gathers enough strength to engage in the culture without knowing a soul. Sounds a bit like stepping off a plane into an unknown country, don’t you think?
  • A seasoned journalist, Caitlin Fitzsimmons’ piece on fat discrimination by airlines is brilliant. I’ve lived on both sides of the argument. Though
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Gypsy Wednesday – GRRRL Traveler

Welcome to Gypsy Wednesday! Every Wednesday, I strive to highlight all the juicy morsels related to travel and beyond.

Every single day new terms are tossed into my travel stewing pot. One of them propelled me to seek out the answer.  What the heck is a gap year?  Christine Ka’aloa explains.

To dig deeper into a gap year, review this site I just found: Career Break Secrets.

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15 Things I’m Looking Forward to When I Quit My Job & Travel

This list was sourced from a potently horrid day I experienced in the cube last week. It was so trying, my mind drifted to happy thoughts.

  1. Naps. Epically long, drawn out, mouth-hanging-open-slobbering, naps.
  2. Reading a book from cover to cover, and actually absorbing it.
  3. Giving up business casual for cargo pants and flip flops (for you Christine).
  4. Never having to open another passive-aggressive email from a coworker who spreads a hissy fit by cc’ing my bosses, yet is a yellow coward when I suggested meeting in person to discuss the issue like adults.

  5. Doing yoga every morning. At least an hour and a half worth.

  6. Witnessing a magnificent sunrise or sunset daily.
  7. Writing in the dead of the night if the fancy strikes me.
  8. Eating whatever and whenever, not to a set schedule.
  9. Noticing the day evaporating, but feeling relaxed, full of ideas and satisfied.
  10. Working with only one person –  me.
  11. Boarding a bus where not one word of English is spoken. Sweet silence in the mind and music to the ears.

  12. Laughing more than stressing
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What I’m Going to Miss About Vancouver

Queen ElizabethThe parks.

Queen Elizabeth in particular, since it’s near my abode. I moved here last July, completely bereft to be away from English Bay, but found this gem. Affectionately referred to as “Little Mountain”, this park wormed its way into my heart.

Tell me fellow travelers, what do you miss about your hometown? Or maybe you haven’t left yet or thought about it, the truth is we will always miss something.

Photo: WriterGal39

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