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Best Cities in Italy to Visit By Train


Italy is such a romantic country, and whether you travel north to Venice or south to Sorrento, there’s a plethora of rich culture, history, and delicious food to dive into.

I have fond memories of my time in Italy, where I spent a summer hopping from one end of the country to another. The beauty of Venice really surprised me, despite prior negative opinions that were relayed to me — specifically that summertime was the worst season in which to visit Venice due to the smelly canals and rude tour operators. And Rome? I expected to be overwhelmed by it, but I instantly fell in love.

Whenever I visit Europe, the only way I enjoy traveling is by train. With travel comparison websites like GoEuro, train travel in Italy is fast, efficient, and downright fun!

Here’s five cities that you should visit by train if you are traveling from north to south:


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Hipmunk Hotels: Luxury Hotel Destinations in Napa Valley, Glendale and more

The post below was originally published on A Taste of Our City by Erica and Coredelle on April 13, 2016.

As many of you know, Corey and I have been traveling the world for nearly nine months in Southeast Asia, and our go-to places to stay are always affordable and on-budget. But recently, we got a taste of luxury when my mom gifted Corey and me with an executive room at a 5-star hotel in Singapore for my birthday.

For the entire weekend, we wined and dined without a worry or care in the world. At the end of the weekend, we promised ourselves that we would “treat” ourselves to experiences like this more often during our travels, whether that’s in the States or abroad. There’s no greater feeling than being pampered while you’re visiting a new city.


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Hipmunk Hotels: Best Places to Stay in Eugene, Renton, St. George, and More!


The Pacific Northwest is a beautiful slice of America and makes for an ideal summer trip. A rental car isn’t that expensive, and it’s a terrific way to explore lesser-known destinations throughout the region. But when you’re driving till night or well into the day, finding a hotel can be a little stressful.

You can save time by pre-booking a few hotels. If you use this guide, however, you’ll save time on the road while still allowing for spontaneity.


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Why Airlines Are Making Major Changes to Loyalty Programs


The post below was originally published on Hipmunk’s Tailwind Blog on January 7, 2016.

One by one, major American airlines have been changing their loyalty program policies from a distance-based system to a price-based system, causing some angst among frequent travelers. After announcements from Delta and United last year, American Airlines was the final hold out until November 18, when they announced changes to AAdvantage. At all three of these airlines, frequent flier miles will now be determined by the price of the ticket rather than by the distance flown, as it was in the past. Here’s an in-depth look at what exactly has shifted — and what this means for travelers across the board.


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10 Ways to Enjoy Southeast Asia


Southeast Asia is a region with a lot of tourism charm. Consisting of 11 countries, all of them have people living among beautiful nature and exotic culture. No doubt, this area of the world is an appealing place to discover. Once you come, you’ll return again and again.

Besides the staggering amount of countries to explore, there’s plenty of things to offer. The amount and the size of the region may be overwhelming and cause travelers to wonder what’s the best way to travel Southeast Asia.

Lucky for you, this article will help you suss out the top experiences to engage in. We are going to define how most people truly enjoy Southeast Asia. At least, these 10 things are the main ways to accomplish a perfect trip in each country of Southeast Asia from


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Hipmunk Hotels: Most Comfortable California Hotels in Bakersfield, Costa Mesa, Marina del Rey and More

Hotel California is a popular song by the Eagles, and even though it’s not the happiest song, one lyric is true: “You check in and don’t ever leave.”

California has some amazing hotels that are not only interesting, but like a second home. Here are five hotels that you should look up on your next trip to California.


Bakersfield, California

The Padre Hotel is right in downtown Bakersfield, and is a renovated building from 1928. With a rooftop bar and fine dining, already this hotel makes your stay a pleasure. The rooms in this boutique hotel have memory foam mattresses, a wet bar, enclosed glass showers, and flat-screen TVs. Not far from the Amtrak Station, check out nearby Beach Park and Kern River.


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