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My name is Jeannie Mark

I’m a mid-lifer who quit a growing corporate career to reawaken my passions — and forge a life set by my own rules.

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Life Lessons

4 Years of Travel

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A Last Look at China

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My Writer's Retreat

Join Me This November in Costa Rica!

Why You Should Go to the South Pacific

New Zealand

The South Pacific spans across 20,000 islands, covering parts of Asia, Africa, and Europe, but only a few islands are stand outs.

This region of the world has entranced many wanderers like Fletcher Christian, Robert Louis Stevenson, and artist Paul Gauguin. But with so many mind-boggling choices, what is truly alluring about the South Pacific?

Well, actually, many things!

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Where Have I Been? Oh, a Little Place Called Costa Rica


I know, you’re probably wondering if I’m dead or alive.

Sorry playahs, this gal has been joyfully dabbling in Costa Rica. It’s my third time returning to the land of “Pura Vida” and just when I assume I’ll get sick of it, this unique country always draws me in.

The true reason I stepped back into Costa Rica was for another writer’s retreat in Puerto Viejo!

Even though Leigh and I courted a smaller group this time, each woman brought so much to the table. A life well lived, full of wisdom, and the willingness to let us guide them for a brief seven days.

How to Buy More Than Flights with Your Frequent Flyer Miles


Just like any other type of rewards program, frequent flyer miles are what you make of them. Many people hoard their points in order to purchase flights, and we’re big proponents of that. After all, getting to fly more often means getting to travel more often, and that means opening yourself up to all the unique experiences and lessons that travel affords.

CityLove: Granada, Spain


Granada has established itself as one of Spain’s youngest, hippest, and most energetic cities while simultaneously boasting some of the country’s most historic architecture. Plan to explore this city in true Spanish style, by setting out after a relaxing siesta and staying up late into the night.

Start the afternoon with tapas at the renowned Bar Los Diamantes, which has been serving up remarkable food since 1942. If you’re still hungry, try the seafood or aubergine slices. Snap a pic of the meal and earn bragging rights by tweeting it our way.

How to Keep Clothes Clean While Traveling Abroad


It’s an age-old traveler’s dilemma: How do you to keep clothes clean while traveling around the world? Clean clothes may be easy to maintain if you’re visiting popular U.S. tourist destinations like Disney World or Washington, D.C., but laundry can be considerably less accessible (or more expensive) in places like Budapestor Addis Ababa.  Here’s how to keep clothes clean no matter where travel takes you.

Why You Absolutely Need to Take a Meditation Vacation


It’s a common and admirable goal to travel as a means of “finding yourself,” but sometimes the stresses of being in a new place or cramming in sightseeing opportunities can prevent travelers from actually calming down, getting centered, and coming home rejuvenated.